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  Empower Your Immune System Against The Ravages of Disease.  
  The majority of all diseases are immune system related. Knowing that Your Immune health is your key to good health! gives you a great advantage. Don't be a victim of any of these conditions listed:  

Auto Immune Diseases
Liver Disease Lupus
Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sinus Infection
Sore Throat....

The statements made herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. All information provided on Ketsumeisei in the Health Springs website has been provided by World Nutrition and the American Institute Of Eastern Medicine..


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Dr. Wang's
Special Nutritional Blend
To Help Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

Meet Dr Wang

Ketsumeisei - Natural approach to type II Diabetes

Ketsumeisei 1 Box $149.00

Type II Diabetes CD
Enzyme Therapy CD



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Type II Diabetes is a Liver Disease CD by Dr. Wang MD
Enzyme Therapies CD by Dr. Wong ND

Ketsumeisei is good for Type II diabetes, its complications and insulin resistant syndromes. Ketsumeisei’s systemic effects can be taken for metabolism and microcirculation disturbances in the body. Free fatty acid in the body is insulin resistant material. In clinical studies, Ketsumeisei clearly decreases free fatty acid in Type II diabetics. The product may also decrease glucose indirectly by correcting insulin resistance as a result of the decrease of free fatty acid. Microcirculation disturbance can cause multiple complications.

Ketsumeisei is indicated for the maintenance of normalized blood sugar levels, insulin resistance disorders, specifically
  • Type II diabetes mellitus
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Hyperinsulinemia
  • Hypertension
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Arteriosclerotic cardio- and craniovascular diseases
  • Lipid metabolism disorders and obesity.
Our proprietary mix of ingredients (including Flavonoid & Daidzein in Fruit Kudzvine, Carthamidin in Salflower, and Saponin in Korean Ginseng) may improve body microcirculation.

Serving Size: One (1) Packet
Servings per Container: 30 Packets
Amount per Serving: 3,000 mg

Proprietary blend contains: Flat Stem Milk Vetch Seed, Chinese Wild Yam, Safflower, Milk Vetch Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Kudzu Vine Root, Licorice Root, Korean Ginseng.

Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. No wheat, gluten, soy or talc.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 packet(s) per day without food, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Take immediately after opening.

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WARNING: If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a healthcare professional before using. Ketsumeisei improves blood circulation, so the intake of blood thinners may need to be reduced or stopped under a doctors supervision. Ketsumeisei cannot be taken by patients with a history of hypersensitivity to any of its components. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician if an allergic reaction occurs. Do not use this product if the safety seal is broken.

Dietary supplements are not to be used to prevent or treat or cure any disease. The Statements in this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Any information provided on this web site is not a substitute for the advice of a licensed medical practitioner. Individuals are advised not to self-medicate in the presence of significant illness. Ingredients in supplements are not drugs and may not be foods. Health Springs does not advise administration of supplements to infants or children and no supplements should be taken in pregnancy without professional advice.

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